The data trading network as an authentic part of the big data era

Abundant first-hand data sources

The system has been connected to first-hand data sources provided by UnionPay and major telecom carriers, and expectably to tax authorities, social security departments and other vertical industrial data sources in the future, so as to satisfy users’ multi-dimensional needs.

Protect users’ privacy

Each data transaction is executed only upon the confirmation of data owners to eradicate illegal data trading.

Data copyright protection and traceability

Stringent protection for data copyrights with the pool of select uplinks of data sources; traceable but unfalsifiable data sources to enhance data reliability.

Uncached users’ data

No central service room or server. PTP transactions between data trading partners to eliminate data monopoly.

  • GXS
  • Centralized data trading platform
  • Black market

Plentiful business application scenarios to
release data’s due value


the credit record of
Xu Jiaying

Online petty loan entities

the credit record of
Chen Jieyi

Consumer loan companies

the credit record of
Hu Zhenxin


the credit record of
Fan Zhigang


GXChain is in itself a public chain that supports application development and digital currency issuance. We will gradually liberalize GXChain and our data support so that the third parties are able to develop new applications.
GXShares are consumed in all application scenarios on GXChain when they are burnt and used as medium of payment.
Currently, the incubation recruitment plan for GXChain developers are under way. We provide our support in data startup, financing, platform integration and other fields.
Open source address:

GXS Dapp——

the first GXChain-based decentralized APP

In GXChain Dapp, users can create blockchain identity and manage their personal information.
Dapp will verify and prove the existence of data, truly realize users manage their data themselves.
Dapp has a lot incentive and rewards that could encourage users to authorize more kinds of data.
We value privacy of every user, as data will not be cached on Dapp.
Click here to get Dapp

Full variety of everyday application scenarios and easy symmetry of social information

Face-to-face credit investigation

Credit investigation on housemaids

View the personal information
of housemaid Wang Jiazhi


View the social security record
of applicant Xu Jiaying

Apartment rental

View the criminal record
of tenant Chen Gang

Dating & socializing

View the personal information
of Xu Chengzhi

Partially signed customer(in no particular order)

  • 中国银联
  • 中国联通
  • 试金石
  • 众安科技
  • 极光大数据
  • 上海数据交易中心
  • 广东沃银融创
  • 宜信
  • 掌众金融
  • 你我贷
  • 拍拍贷
  • 挖财
  • 现金巴士
  • 贷吧
  • 杭州紫水磐
  • 中盾云安
  • 零点花花
  • 杭州零点信息
  • 北京今始科技
  • 上海创蓝文化传播
  • 零零期
  • 爱贷网
  • 松鼠贷
  • 花薪
  • 金磁金融
  • 链钱
  • 手机贷
  • 先锋太盟
  • 益芯金融
  • 汇贾分期
  • 家金所
  • 什马金融
  • 香蕉客
  • 臻承金服
  • 杭州其德
  • 分期管家
  • 信用管家
  • 社交赢行
  • 中网国投
  • 诺诺镑客
  • 花无忧
  • 点点小钱
  • 美利金融
  • 千金贷
  • 元宝铺
  • 小微钱包
  • 小薪分期
  • 蜡笔分期
  • 圣数科技
  • 悠融资产
  • 备胎金服
  • 爱小贷
  • 缺钱么
  • 海钜信达
  • 广联赛讯
  • 四点金融
  • 京都贷
  • 佰盛投资
  • 缘天金服
  • 睿宏金服
  • e车宝
  • 车信融
  • 励行汽车
  • 云壬金服
  • 杭州星游网络
  • 一鼎网
  • 启发分期
  • 图蓝分期
  • 云车金融
  • 品瓜金融
  • 有融网
  • 好雨润物
  • 普利通
  • 呼哈分期
  • 普金会
  • 财加
  • 零用巴士
  • 好朋友金融
  • 康宏投资
  • 万盾资产
  • 沐浴金融
  • 文广小贷
  • 信资信息
  • 满兜理财
  • 鲁信汇金
  • 融都科技
  • 极盾科技
  • 联投金融
  • 好快信
  • E起贷
  • 量化派
  • 同程金服
  • 随手记
  • 小赢
  • 中腾信
  • 佐力小贷
  • 卡牛
  • 小二金融
  • 盈盈理财
  • 蜂e贷
  • 有贷工厂
  • 好又贷
  • 零用贷
  • 天津嘉业

Team member

  • Minqiang Huang

    Founder CEO

    Minqiang has over 10 years experience in data exchange, financial technology, and blockchain. He used to be CTO at Hakim Unique Internet Co Ltd (SHE:300300), and Director at financial services of HAKIM UNIQUE.

  • Guojun Tu

    Co-founder VP

    Guojun was senior executive at 3 public traded IT company, a serial entrepreneur, who have more than 21 years’ experience in the field of information security, payment, and IT. Guojun received his bachelor in computer science at Hunan Univeristy.

  • Cheng Wang


    Cheng is a data expert, proficient in data collection, cleaning, machine learning and mining. He used to work as a full stack engineer at, as core developer at, and Vobile Info Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Ruosong Xu


    Ruosong used to work at Huawei Technologies, China Mobile, and Tongdun. He is an expert in credit risk control.

  • Xiaopeng Xu

    Operations director

    Xu has 6 years’ experience of sales and marketing. He used to be marketing project manager at ZheJiang Media Group, Simei Media (SHE:002712), and NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES)

  • Liyu Wu

    Product Manager

    Liyu used to work as a senior product manager at NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ: NTES), before NetEase he worked at Hithink Flush Information Network Co Ltd(SHE: 300033) and as product designer. He experienced in product management for both customer and business application.

  • Xin Cai

    Community Manager

    Xin used to be oversea technology manager at a fortune 500 company, who proficient in Japanese, English and Korean. Currently she is in charge of oversea business development of GXS data exchange. Xin received her master degree in wireless communication at Osaka University.

  • Haoxiang Lan

    Blockchain Development Engineer

    Haoxiang is an expert in Node.js, iOS, frontend/backend development. He has years’ experience in blockchain development, and is skilled in application layer. He used to work at and as frontend engineer.

  • Junjie Zhang

    Blockchain Development Engineer

    Full stack engineer, UI design, Front-end/back-end web development Proficient in node.js, python. Junjie used to in charge of front-end development of several renowned fintech companies in China

  • Diwu Ye

    Server Development Engineer

    Diwu has abundant experience for data modeling, he developed data collection service with component-based approach.

  • Dongming Shen

    Server Development Engineer

    Dongming used to work at as core developer, he is an expert in App development for Android OS.

  • Liting Zhu

    Blockchain Development Engineer

    BS in Mathematics, MS in Computer Science, Proficient in P2P web development, C/C++, Python, Shell, he used to be core developer at Vobile Info Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Jiahua Tu

    Blockchain Development Engineer

    Jiahua used to be cybersecurity project manager and core developer at Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., yielding multiple upgrades of the security platform

  • Jun Yao

    Server Development Engineer

    Jun used to work at as a core developer, he is proficient in data collection, data mining, and data analysis.

  • Lei Xu

    Blockchain Development Engineer

    Lei is a full stack engineer, who proficient in PHP, Node.js, Python. He experienced in cross end and data visualization product development. Lei used to work as a core developer at ZhejiangDailyMedia and

Expert Remarks

---by Ni Liya

Doctor in Law, bureau-level researcher at the Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee

GXS Data Exchange organically combines the innovation of internet information technology with that of the financial integrity construction. It breaks a new ground to realize secure and efficient circulation of data and its market development prospect is bright. I wish your team success in making continuous innovation and meeting your goals step by step.

---by Chai Lin

Director / Procurement Specialist of the Ministry of Finance of PRC, Information Center of Communication Department of Zhejiang Province, E-Government Affairs Unit, Zhejiang provincial government

Under the current background of e-government, the construction of informationization is developed under independent systems. As a result, all the existing information systems are scattered, heterogeneous and closed, and information cannot be shared by each other. The issue of information island must be solved if we want to give play to the effectiveness of e-government. GXS’s blockchain technology and model are able to address this issue in a better way.

---by Han Feng

Doctor, i-Center Tutor at Tsinghua University, Secretary-General of DACA Blockchain Association

The transformation of big data into assets that could be circulated through ownership authentication is a new world of human wealth.

---by Li Xiaolai

the Richest Man with Bitcoins in China

Bitcoin is an irreversible invention, and the same of blockchain technology, they are quietly making a better world!



GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 22  -  29th

Optimizes performance of wallet API,Adds API for loyalty program inquiry,Adds API for register_account2, supporting payment with multiple assets.....


GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 15th — 21th

Optimizes wallet performance, solves high RAM usage issue for wallet API, Implements virtual machine for blockchain application...


GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 8th  - 12th

Optimize Wallet API performance, Practicing virtual machine for blockchain application....


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