Building Data Economy Ecosystem

Any Data Transaction Will be Settled by GXS


Blockcity assists users to consolidate their data and stores encrypted on distributed file system. Users can choose to open their data access and profit from it. Blockcity is helping users to retrieve their data property.

P2P Data Marketplace

The decentralized data marketplace provides a unique solution for businesses. Comparing to traditional solutions, such as centralized data center or underground data trading market, GXS decentralized data marketplace allows P2P data transmission without precipitating data. This effectively protects data privacy and copyright, as well as prevents fraudulent activities.


GXChain greatly supports all kinds of app development. Comparing to other public blockchain, GXChain not only supports smart contract, blockchain as a service (BaaS), but also provides many unique services. Including ID verification, multi-dimensional data, KYC, and swift login. GXChain currently offers 100,000 TPS, which can accommodate general business application scenarios. Moreover, developers can issue new assets on GXChain

Take Full Control of
Your Personal Data
Blockcity Population


A Blockchain App for Everyone

In Blockcity, you can:
Get your first digital asset
Generate your unique digital identity G-ID
Benefit from various blockchain applications
Store and manage your own data safely through Inter Planetary File System (IPFS)
Monetize your own data

Industrial Level Data Exchange Solution

GXS P2P Data Marketplace


Data Purchaser

How can I trust the data that I bought?
How to make sure the data are up to date?

Data Source

How to protect personal privacy while selling their data?
What if purchasers resell the data?
Is it safe to trade data on blockchain?



An industrial level permissionless blockchain with millions of real ID verified users

General Digital Identity G-ID

In Blockcity,
user will generate a unique G-ID
after ID verification.
Each G-ID corresponds
to each identity

Plentiful Traffic Support

Blockcity has more than 1 million real ID verified users.
Users can simply access applications
through one-click registration,
simple and efficient.

Massive Amount of User Data

There are numerous personal data
within GXChain & Blockcity ecosystem,
after users’ authorization,
these data will be available for exploration.

Support Fund

Strong support for application development

Apply GXS Token on Testnet

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Blockcity is a virtual city built by GXChain, you can set up your unique identity in the city. The identity will be saved and verified on the blockchain. In the future, one can do a lot thing in Blockcity, including transaction, social, shopping, etc. Moreover, you can do mining in the city, rewarding GXS and many other tokens.

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  • MQ Huang

    Founder CEO

  • Andy

    Co-founder VP

  • Cheng Wang


  • Xiaopeng Xu

    Operations director

  • Liyu Wu

    Product Manager

  • Alex

    Director, International
    Business Development

  • Shuang Guo

    North America community

  • David Lan

    Blockchain R&D Director

  • Junjie Zhang

    Blockchain Development

  • Diwu Ye

    Server Development

  • Dongming Shen

    Server Development

  • Liting Zhu

    Blockchain Architects

  • Jun Yao

    Server Development

  • Lei Xu

    Blockchain Development

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